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What you need to know for your visit...

  1. Our platform is called which is a HIPAA compliant program that we use for Telemedicine appointments. You do not have to download anything. If you want to attend on your computer you will need a microphone and video camera. You can use your cellphone if you choose. 

  2. Please click on the appropriate link for your provider 10-minutes before your scheduled appointment. This link will take you to the waiting room. 

  3. Click on the "Pre-call" test option in the lower left-hand corner to check your audio and video. 

  4. Your provider will join the appointment when they are ready. 

  5. If the appointment gets disconnected for any reason, just wait. Your provider will either reconnect with you or call you. 

  6. You will be billed for an office visit the same way you would for an in-person visit. Our staff will review all copay and billing questions with you prior to your visit. 

  7. Please make sure your device is plugged in or charged so you don't lose connection during the visit. Please close unnecessary programs to maximize the quality of the connection. 

  8. For the visit, please be in a quiet space for optimal audio clarity. 

Telemedicine Waiting Rooms

To access the waiting room for your appointment, click on the provider you are scheduled to meet with below. 

Provider Waiting Rooms

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