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Natural Healthcare in Central Point

We are located within Reed Medical Center

About the Wellness Clinic


Southern Oregon Wellness Clinic is part of a family of clinics created by Dr. Eric Reed and Dr. Joty Bains-Reed. Our Family of clinics offer an integrated, holistic, medical approach to your whole health. We offer a unique atmosphere and service, helping you to feel your best. To us, it is important that providers have the experience you can trust, but also that they truly care about their patients.


“Above all else, patient care must come first.”
-Dr. Joty Bains-Reed

Southern Oregon Wellness Clinics’ goal is to serve our patients by looking at the whole person. We look not only to discover and treat illnesses, but to also provide education on preventing illness and living a healthy life. This is our definition of wellness. From physical health to emotional health, we focus on holistic healing and on creating true lifestyle changes for everyone.

We have multiple clinic locations to better serve you.


Come enjoy our comfortable atmosphere and enjoy the personal care by our providers. We look forward to seeing you.

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