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Genuine care

Primary care

Primary care providers have a broad field of expertise. They don’t just treat aches, pains, and common colds, but they treat the most common diseases, offer counseling, help set lifestyle goals, and changes in diet and exercise. Primary care providers pretty much treat all things and they are less expensive than seeing a specialist.

“Our providers might be PCP’s but we specialize in caring for the whole person”

Your primary care provider is your guide to better health. Visiting your PCP more often can help with prevention of problems and diseases. Frequent visits and access to your provider can decrease problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Primary care saves patients money and keeps them well in both sickness and health.

Primary care providers treat a wide variety of conditions but if you do need specialized care, our primary care providers can offer referrals and coordinate your treatment with a specialist. We want the best possible care for you.

Routine Preventive Care

Routine preventative care is an important part of visiting your PCP on an annual basis. Routine care includes a routine exam (non-symptomatic) also known as a checkup or physical. During a routine annual physical exam your provider will check your blood pressure, heart rate, memory, heart, lungs, head and neck, and abdomen. They also provide a routine neurological exam as well as a dermatological exam and skin check. These things are important but not as important as listening to you and hearing what you have to say about how you’re feeling. That’s why our visits and the time you spend with your provider in our clinic is longer.

“We want time to listen to our patients, that’s why we offer longer patient visits.”

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