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Men's Health

If you’re male, then you might be like most men and typically like to avoid the doctor whenever possible. Before turning 40 you may have felt unstoppable. But by your late 30’s, health issues start nagging at you. Maybe it was just complaints about your knee or back pain. But as you got older, your health concerns began to shift.

Men in their 50s are typically more concerned about heart disease or ED (erectile dysfunction).

Men in their 60s are typically more concerned about prostate cancer and their risk for dementia.

These are the top 6 health concerns men have

  1. Prostate cancer and enlargement (benign prostate hypertrophy)

  2. Heart disease (including high blood pressure and high cholesterol)

  3. Erectile dysfunction and testosterone levels

  4. Weight Management with age

  5. Diabetes

  6. Stroke


Our providers provide men’s health services to address issues that are specific to men and to keep them feeling their best at any age. We treat, test, and screen for all the items on the top 6 list, but also provide complete annual men’s exams.

During an annual men’s physical, the provider might perform a couple of different screenings as needed by the patient or based on age. These screenings include a cancer screening, hernia screening (The famous “turn your head and cough”), STD screening, and a prostate exam.

The most important thing to us is giving you time to talk while we listen. That’s why we offer longer visits times.

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